Asian Stock Market Today (2023)

1. Asian Stock Markets - CNNMoney

  • World markets · Hsi - hang seng index · N225 - nikkei 225 index · IPC

  • Complete Asian stock market coverage with breaking news, analysis, stock quotes, before and after hours markets data for China's Shanghai Composite, Hong Kong's Hang Seng and Japan's Nikkei indices.

2. Asian Market Headlines | Breaking Stock Market News - Reuters

  • Top Asian Markets ; 33,533.09, +364.99, +1.10%Positive ; 17,930.55, -252.34, -1.39%Negative.

  • Find the latest stock market news from every corner of the globe at, your online source for breaking international market and finance news

Asian Market Headlines | Breaking Stock Market News - Reuters

3. Asia Stock Markets - CNBC

  • Nifty 50 · Shenzhen Component · STI · TWII: Taiwan Weighted Index

  • Up to date market data and stock market news is available online. View Asia Pacific market headlines and market charts. Get the latest economy news, markets in our Market Overview.

Asia Stock Markets - CNBC

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  • Updated stock indexes in Asia-Pacific. Get an overview of major indexes, current values and stock market data in Japan, China, Hong Kong & more.

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  • Find information on Asian stock markets, including price, performance over time, technical analysis summaries and key fundamental information.

Asian Stock Market -

6. Asia Markets - MarketWatch

  • Japanese stocks tumble as Hang Seng falls ; ADOW · The Asia Dow Index USD, 3,497.23, -16.06, -0.46% ; NIK · NIKKEI 225 Index, 33,533.09, 364.99, 1.10% ; HSI · Hang ...

  • News coverage of Asian markets from MarketWatch.

Asia Markets - MarketWatch

7. Asia Market Data - MarketWatch

  • View the MarketWatch summary of the Asia stock market with current status of indexes. JASDAQ, NIKKEI, HANG SENG, SING, ASX, S&P HKEX and more.

Asia Market Data - MarketWatch

8. Asia Stocks

  • ASIA STOCKS ; Japan: Nikkei 225, 33533.09, 364.99 ; China: Shanghai Composite, 3126.02, 8.28 ; India: S&P BSE Sensex, 67789.68, -48.95 ; Australia: S&P/ASX, 7227.7 ...

  • Market Data Center on The Wall Street Journal.

Asia Stocks


What is the Asian stock market doing right now? ›

Stock Indexes
10 more rows

Why Asian markets are down? ›

Asia markets fall as investors watch Japan and South Korea data; U.S. inflation numbers ahead. This is CNBC's live blog covering Asia-Pacific markets. Asia-Pacific markets fell across the board as investors assess key economic data out of Japan and South Korea.

Why are Asian stocks rising? ›

Asia markets rise as parts of China's economy showed further recovery; Japan stocks near 33- year high. This is CNBC's live blog covering Asia-Pacific markets. Asia-Pacific markets largely climbed, bolstered by a slew of China's economic data for August that were better than market expectations.

Why is the US stock market down? ›

US stocks declined on Wednesday after the Federal Reserve left key interest rates unchanged, but said it could hike rates again this year. The US central bank also revised economic projections higher with a warning that battle against inflation was far from over.

Should you get out of the stock market? ›

After all, nobody likes losing money; that goes against the whole purpose of investing. However, pulling your money out of the stock market during down periods can often do more harm than good in the long term. Here's why you should keep investing during such periods.

What's happening in the stock market today? ›

Top U.S. Markets
trading higher Dow Jones Industrial Average .DJI34,657.77+140.04
trading lower Nasdaq Composite Index .IXIC13,670.42-7.77
trading higher S&P 500 Index .SPX4,451.61+7.66

Why invest in Asia now? ›

Such balance-sheet strength places Asia in a far more fiscally stable position than the West, leaving the region more resilient to economic shocks and better able to fund long-term growth. It makes Asia particularly attractive for investors with long time horizons and strong growth appetites.

Why are Chinese shares going up? ›

Stocks in mainland China rose on Monday, after the government cut a tax on trading and said it will take more steps to revive its sagging capital markets. The move is an attempt to address a slide in Chinese stock prices this year, as investors have dumped shares amid worsening economic news and big rallies elsewhere.

Why are stocks suddenly going up? ›

If more people want to buy a stock (demand) than sell it (supply), then the price moves up. Conversely, if more people wanted to sell a stock than buy it, there would be greater supply than demand, and the price would fall.

Why are Chinese shares up? ›

TOKYO -- Asian shares advanced Friday, with solid gains for Chinese markets after the central bank eased the reserve requirements for banks to encourage more lending and prop up the slowing economy.

What happens if US stock market crashes? ›

Stock market crashes wipe out equity-investment values and are most harmful to those who rely on investment returns for retirement. Although the collapse of equity prices can occur over a day or a year, crashes are often followed by a recession or depression.


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